City of Birmingham Indoor Bowls Club

THE CITY OF BIRMINGHAM INDOOR BOWLS CLUB is a Private Members Club.  The Club Manages the Day to Day Running of the Centre and is Responsible for Organising Member and Pay & Play Sessions.


FOOTWEAR - No outdoor shoes to be worn on the green.  Bowls shoes or shoes with flat soles (no ridges) may be worn.  Shoe covers available at Reception for suitable footwear or to cover socks.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Please use the Changing Rooms provided when changing shoes, etc.  All Bowls Bags, Outdoor Shoes and Outwear should be left in the changing rooms - the back of the Green and all Public Areas must be kept clear.

DRESS - For League Sessions, Members are asked to wear Grey Trousers/Skirts and White Shirt/Blouse (or Club Shirt).  For Play and Pay Sessions please dress Smart Casual.

MISCONDUCT -  No Gaming, Drunkenness, Bad Language, Threatening Behaviour will be permitted on Club Premises.

THE GREEN -  NO running on the Green.  Please do not use Glycerine and Water as this marks the carpet.  Please do not take Food (including chocolate) or Drink on to the green.

MOBILE PHONES, etc -  Mobile Phones, Smart watches or any other device that can receive calls may not be used whilst on the green or at the back of the green - use is restricted to the Lounge/Reception areas only.

PLEASE NOTE - The Club reserves the Right to Refuse Admission to Non-Members.